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Justin Bieber Got a Girl Pregnant???

I was just doing a search on the Internet to see what's happening now. You know whats new, and lo and behold this is what I see.

Justin Bieber Pregnant!

Okay ! What ?

So after a little research a couple of things emerge. First there are actually people out there who somehow believe this and are asking how can this happen. They are fascinated by the fact that Justin Bieber could be pregnant. I mean come on people.

Then there are those who are "spreading rumors" that his mom is pregnant. Okay, while this could be possible, I mean the woman is only in her thirties, if she wants to let people know she will, why start rumors till you hear it from the horses mouth. And besides that who cares it's her business what she does.

And lastly there are a few forums, blurtit, type sites where young girls hang out that have them all in a frenzy. Girls saying Justin Bieber got them pregnant. Other girls throwing a fit about it, saying things like " no he didn't he's my boyfriend". Nasty name calling going around, an all out disrespect for each other. All because of some 16 year old boy, who just happens to be popular right now.

This is to all the teenage girls out there who are in love with Justin Bieber. Don't listen to all the rumors, don't get sucked in by what everybody says and by what it says on the Internet. Not everything you read is true. Justin Bieber is just a regular boy who sings well. Enjoy his music, if you wish. But don't get so worked up by what some other girl writes on some forum. Some girl who you most likely will never meet anyway.

Rumor Mill

It's amazing how a simple rumor, can get started and ruin a persons reputation. That's when we as regular everyday people have to learn to take things at face value. When we see or hear rumors about regular everyday people or even about celebrities like Justin Bieber . We have to remember, we are not there, we don't really know the facts. We can't believe everything we hear. There is an old saying that says, " Believe only half of what you see and none of what you hear." That is true. Don't believe it just because others believe it either. They are called rumors for a reason.

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