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She Mast Keladi Congestion In Jakarta

VIVAnews -number of private vehicles, in particular the four wheeled in Jakarta, is on the rise. In fact, every day there are at least 120 submission letter for new cars in the Directorate of Traffic Police of the Metro Jaya. This of course resulted in increased the severity of the congestion in the capital. The rate of movement of vehicles in Jakarta continued to decline, currently lives 12 kilometers per hour.

Then, what kind of personal car being the main cause of most of the congestion in Jakarta?

Director of Metro Polda Jaya Traffic, Commissioner Pol Royke Lumowa, Express data, from the filing of a new car, 50 percent is a type of low and car medium such as MPV, Avanza, Daihatsu Xenia, and Innova. The rest, is the hatchback type (sedan with no back-tail): Honda Jazz, Toyota Yaris, and Suzuki Swift.

"Type of vehicle hatchback MPV and indeed we most often encounter in the streets of Jakarta," he said when VIVAnews.comconversed with, Friday, July 29, 2011.

According to Royke, the two types of cars became a prima donna as vehicles of citizens of Jakarta. "Now, our society is the most special Jabodetabek low purchased cars MPV. Because in addition to the Pocket, seven pretty much capacity, "he said.

He explained as a result of continued growth in the types of vehicles, congestion in Jakarta continues to extends to the border areas-Depok, Bekasi, Tangerang. "We need courage, especially the Central Government, to limit the production of automotive. Useless if there is a moderated, but regulatory production of motor vehicles continued to rise, "he said.

The Data of the Directorate of Traffic Metro Polda Jaya in 2010 show number of four-wheeled vehicles have reached 3.118.050 units.

Based on the data, the combined motor vehicle industry in Indonesia (Gaikindo), auto sales first semester 2011 is a total of 417.687 units. Low MPV segment still dominate the market, a total of 131.891 units or donate 32,6 per cent of the total sales of national cars.

Most cars of this type is the best-selling Toyota Avanza and Daihatsu Xenia each taciturn 85.040 and 30.963 units; followed by Suzuki APV (13,003), Daihatsu Luxio (2.899), and the Mitsubishi Maven (6 units).

When you search again, the Toyota Avanza is the best-selling manual type G. A 1.3-liter-engine car has sold 64.315 units or 76 per cent of the total sales of Avanza. In Jakarta and surrounding areas, this car dibanderol Rp151,5 million.

The second is the best-selling type S manual. This single-engined cars of 1,500 cc dibanderol Rp164 million and taciturn 8.352 unit (10 percent). This type is followed by a type E manual (6 percent), matic type G (5 percent), matic type S (3 percent), and the type E matic (0.5 percent).

In fact, in the Indonesia International Motor Show 2011 Toyota Astra Motor, launched the latest generation of its flagship MPV, the Grand New Innova. Medium MPV seven passengers was dibanderol starting from price Rp182 millions.

"We expect the next target market Toyota in class MPV can be more than 70 percent," said Marketing Director TAM, Joko Trisanyoto, when dealt with in the Toyota Booth JIExpo.

Meanwhile, the sister of Avanza, Daihatsu Xenia, the most in demand are the type Xi-1,300 cc type sold Rp140-148 million it sold 19.313 units or 62 per cent of the total sales of Daihatsu this semester. Then followed by Xenia Li 1,000 cc (34 percent), and the matic Xi (3 percent).

As for the hatchbacktype, Toyota Yaris is still the most popular car by Indonesia. In the first half of this year, Japan's car and has sold 9.193 units. But, sales of the Yaris in June 2011 defeated rival Honda Jazz terberatnya, i.e., capable of terlego 1500 unit--while the Yaris just 1,376 units. But, during the first half of 2011, Honda Jaza only sold 8.871 units. The third position is occupied hacthback , the origin of the land of Uncle Sam, Ford Fiesta, which throughout the first half of 2011, sold 3.428 units. (eh)

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